Diano Gulf

The Gulf of Diano Marina, to the east of Imperia, stretches from Capo Cervo to Capo Berta. Six kilometres of coastline with beautiful sandy beaches, but also with the more characteristic Ligurian rocks.

There are seven municipalities in this area: Diano Marina, San Bartolomeo al Mare, Diano Castello, Diano San Pietro, Diano Arentino, Cervo and Villa Faraldi.

Diano Marina, situated on the coast along the Via Aurelia, is the largest seaside resort in the area.

Popular local events include Aromatica, dedicated to aromatic plants, the WindFestival, dedicated to action sports, and the characteristic Corpus Christi flower festival.

From Diano Marina you can venture inland, following the course of the River San Pietro, to discover natural spots that allow you to fully appreciate the sweet beauty of this part of Liguria region, halfway between the sea and the hills. An area inhabited since ancient times, as confirmed by the discovery of many archaeological finds.
Perched on a hill, in a dominant position, we find the beautiful old town of Diano Castello, home of Vermentino wine. Every year, in the month of July, the town of Diano Castello enhances this fine grape variety with the Vermentino Award, a historic national event.

Further up the river we come to the historic villages of Diano San Pietro, Diano Arentino and Diano Evigno, all of which have beautiful old churches dating from the 12th to the 17th century and richly decorated with works of art which are of outstanding interest to art lovers. These villages developed just a short distance from the sea during the Middle Ages, offering protection from the terrible threat of Saracen pirate raids.

It must, however, be said that the main attraction of the entire Diano area is the village of Cervo. A real historical and architectural jewel perched on a strategic spur, just above the sea, which stands out against the blue sky. Cervo is rich in history and works of art such as the unforgettable church of San Giovanni Battista, also known as the church of the Corallini, a name given to the local coral fishermen. From here you can enjoy an extensive and breathtaking view of the entire area. On warm summer evenings the village becomes the natural stage for a prestigious Chamber Music Festival and for the Strega Literary Prize.

Another destination not to be overlooked is San Bartolomeo al Mare, a quiet seaside resort on the coast near the mouth of the River Steria. Last but not least, and definitely worth a visit, is the picturesque and characteristic medieval village of Villa Faraldi, situated inland from San Bartolomeo.