Historical Villas and Gardens


Villa Hanbury

Originally named Palazzo Orengo, it became Villa Hanbury when the property was purchased by Thomas Hanbury, a wealthy English merchant. Today it is part of the Hanbury Botanical Gardens, occupying 18 hectares and recognised as one of the most beautiful gardens in the world, a unique backdrop for any event.


Villa Nobel

This Moorish-style villa belonged to Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite and creator of the world’s most important cultural and scientific prize, who liked to call it “my nest”. Particularly noteworthy is the garden surrounding the villa, which features some highly prized plants. Today it houses the Nobel Museum. It has undergone a significant revival in recent years, now hosting events and themed dinners of various kinds.


VIlla Ormond

Villa Ormond, with its classical layout, features a mezzanine floor on a large forecourt reached by the avenues and staircases in the garden. The building is surrounded by a large terrace with two vaguely Renaissance-style loggias on either side and a pronaos in front of the entrance. The interior boasts large polychrome coffered ceilings and a fireplace from Doria Castle in Dolceacqua can be found in one of the drawing rooms. The lower floor is modern in style, with rooms for use by interpreters to the side. The Villa is also home to the International Institute of Humanitarian Law.
Two more locations in the large garden, which is open to the public, complete the offer: the Flower Museum or Floriseum in the Winter building and the Orangerie.


Villa Regina Margherita

Villa Regina Margherita was built as a private residence for Queen Margherita of Savoy to spend the cold winter months. Built in baroque style, it was equipped with every available comfort and a large park designed by Ludwig Winter. The villa hosted illustrious guests from the Italian and foreign aristocracy, as well as international politicians and artists. It is part of Italy’s history because Queen Margherita of Savoy died here at the beginning of 1926. In 2022, Villa Regina Margherita will be available once again for public and private events.


Villa Grock

This villa was commissioned by Adrian Wettach, the world-famous clown known as “Grock”. It proudly bears the mark of its eclectic owner, still strongly transmitting his famous sad smile. Today it is home to the Clown Museum and hosts public and private events in the building and grounds.

Diano Marina

Palazzo del Parco

Palazzo del Parco, a villa with rigorous but elegant architectural lines, can be considered the cultural centre of the Municipality of Diano Marina as it houses the “A.S. Novaro” Civic Library, the “MARM” Civic Museum and the “R. Falchi” Exhibition and Conference Hall.
The villa is a small building characterised by elements of classical taste, extremely balanced and rhythmic in sequence, and in the positioning of the windows. The building has a botanical garden, designed according to the tastes and trends of the time: flowerbeds, benches overlooking the promenade and the sea, but above all, a remarkable concentration of expertly acclimatised exotic plants.

Diano Marina

Villa Scarsella

Located in the town centre, not far from the central Piazza Martiri della Libertà (Piazza del Comune), Villa Scarsella now houses a school. It has two outdoor sports courts, one for basketball and one for volleyball, and a large garden where numerous events are held during the summer.