Outdoor Arenas and Amphitheatres


Franco Alfano Auditorium

The Franco Alfano Auditorium is located in the Marsaglia Park in Sanremo, overlooking the town’s Imperatrice promenade. The people of Sanremo have a special fondness for the Auditorium, which hosted theatrical and musical performances and concerts for 40 years until the 1990s. In summer 2021 it reopened to the public with a seating capacity of over 700.


Roman Theatre

The archaeological area of Nervia, located along the Via Julia Augusta at the entrance to Ventimiglia, is the site of the remains of the Roman city of Albintimilium, dating back to the Republican period. The site comprises a Roman theatre built between the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, which is the best preserved building of its kind in Liguria and one of the most remarkable in the whole of Northern Italy. A recent renovation has made it possible to use the theatre for open-air concerts, performances and film screenings.


Bigauda Arena

Pala Bigauda in Camporosso is a modern urban, recreational, sports and leisure park along the Nervia. It features an open-air theatre with concentric stepped seating and a plaza with a raised panoramic terrace. This terrace is the roof of the multi-purpose hall below, which is equipped with a giant screen, video projector, and audio and videoconferencing system, making it suitable to host a variety of events. Pala Bigauda is completed by a permanent tensile structure with a kitchen area.


The Castle

Taggia Castle is in the higher part of the town, with a view over the entire valley to the sea. This is where the townspeople took shelter from barbarian assaults. The castle has recently been renovated to become a public space for entertainment and performances.


Doria Castle

Doria Castle in Isolabona has a hexagonal base, a tower, battlements and a traditional entrance door. Recent renovation has created an amphitheatre space in front of the castle, which is made particularly attractive by its scenic backdrop. In summer, it hosts theatre and music evenings and the Harp Festival.