Theatre Halls


Casinò Theatre

In the heart of Sanremo, this theatre, which is located in the town’s Casino, is one of the most elegant and emblazoned theatres in Liguria. Throughout its history, it has hosted the world’s most important theatre companies and even witnessed the direction of Luigi Pirandello in the 1930s. The interior is dominated by the symbolic colours of the Sanremo Casino. From the red of the curtain and the armchairs to the gold of the trim on the friezes, this gives the venue an elegant and very intimate atmosphere.


Teatro Comunale

Ventimiglia’s Municipal Theatre was built in Art Nouveau style in the early 1900s on land donated to the town by Thomas Hanbury. It is one of the town’s most beautiful and elegant structures. It underwent complete modernisation and renovation in 2007, becoming a multi-purpose theatre, with spaces used for performances and events of various kinds. Today it overlooks a beautiful pedestrian street that can be used for events or accompanying activities.


Teatro Cavour

The majestic and elegant Cavour Theatre is a key part of Imperia’s history. The theatre has always been a cultural centre, a veritable landmark, with seasons packed with drama, dance and musical theatre of the highest artistic level. Today, with a rectangular floor plan and a single gallery, it retains the stage in its original structure to allow the staging of opera productions.

Pieve di Teco

Teatro Salvini

The Salvini Theatre is an unusual location, particularly due to its small size. Built in the mid-nineteenth century and made entirely of wood, it has features that have little in common with nineteenth-century theatre canons: a long, narrow U-shaped auditorium with two tiers of boxes, a gallery and a stage separated from the auditorium by a proscenium.